The Modular Tank for All Stormwater Applications: ProTank®

When it comes to stormwater, sustainable environmental management stems from keeping water at its source. Having a containment system installed where stormwater naturally collects makes good environmental sense, but a storage tank is only half the solution.

A modular system that can adapt to different needs is the gold standard: a tank that can infiltrate, attenuate, detain or harvest water for re-use. ProTank provides this flexibility due to its compatibility with a range of geotextiles and geomembranes, resulting in a totally custom engineered solution.

Global Synthetics is supporting designers and builders by creating tailored tank packages. By combining ProTank® drainage modules with ProFab® or Geofirma™ geotextiles, and ProLiner® geomembranes, our team can supply a total solution for infiltration, detention or reuse tanks. Using specially developed tools such as size and load calculators, we can custom design a system to suit your requirements.

Why choose ProTank®?

An efficient and lightweight alternative to aggregate drainage treatments, the ProTank® system is designed with multiple dedicated entry ports to accommodate up to DN300 pipes without compromising its structural integrity.

Made from premium recycled resin, the system has been independently tested and found to display superior strength, making it suitable for a wide range of subsurface stormwater management applications.

Plus, ProTank® is cost efficient, meaning it ticks all boxes of stormwater management when it comes to flexibility, strength, ease of installation, design life and affordability.

ProTank® in Action

Our client approached Global Synthetics seeking an alternative to a traditional precast concrete chamber system. Faced with a 12 week lead time, our client needed a faster solution that still provided excellent strength and longevity.

The project involved a detention tank with 125m³ volume, situated in mainly clay soil. The design called for a concrete chamber system but when the awarded contractor approached the manufacturer, they were advised it would take 3 months before the components were ready. So, our client approached Global Synthetics, and our team designed a system centered around the flexible ProTank® modules.

To save on welding costs and allow for the use of a ProLiner® geomembrane roll, the standard tank width was decreased slightly, therefore increasing the length. The designers were asked to ensure that there was no service in the extension area.

The ProTank® modules were then oriented to allow pipe connections from different directions. A 4-plate system was recommended, considering 800mm of earth cover and traffic by cars and light commercial vehicles. The system design was run through the Global Synthetics Load Calculator to check for 50/100 years design life based on CIRIA 680.

With the customised design complete, a cost-effective solution for sediment control was proposed.

The consulting engineer approved the proposal without hesitation, immediately identifying the strengths and benefits of ProTank®. The contractor then ordered the system, and the components were delivered the next day. The team from Global Synthetics attended start-up to assist the contractors with expert advice.

The whole system was installed quickly and easily, saving the contractor over half the cost of the initial precast concrete design, and avoiding 12 weeks concrete manufacturing time.

Supporting Designers & Consultants

Global Synthetics can support designers with simple but efficient tools such as dynamic size calculators, load calculators based on CIRIA 680 and groundwater calculators for detention tanks. Our team of engineers can also prepare other calculations specific to your requirements.

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