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Secucalc Software for Road and Rail Subbase

SecuCalc allows a generic calculation of aggregate base material in unreinforced and Secugrid®, reinforced applications, such as under roadways, access/haul roads, parking lots or similar applications. Secugrid® geogrid reinforcement extends project service life, improves performance, reduces excavation, and lowers overall costs. SecuCalc 2.2 is based on test trials and 30+ years of engineering knowledge.

And, it is easy to use.

Enter job site parameters and estimated material costs. You will then receive a comparison of an unreinforced and a Secugrid® or Combigrid® reinforced base course. This includes aggregate thickness, volume and mass, as well as the reinforced soil area in terms of m² of Secugrid® or Combigrid® material. Additionally, the software will recommend the specific Secugrid® or Combigrid® types. A further screen will compare the costs of each system, based on the project-specific input data.

It cannot be any easier.

Build safe and economical designs with Secugrid® and Combigrid®.

Our engineers are on hand to assist you, order your free of charge copy of SecuCalc by completing the below online request form.

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