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ProCoir™ Erosion Control Blankets give immediate protection against soil and seed loss caused by wind and rain erosion, and promote the establishment of vegetation.

Product Range Includes: 
1. 300gsm, PP net (9mm X 9mm) Both Sides stitched with Brown PP thread

2. 450gsm 100% Coir Fibre Blanket with Top and Bottom Jute Net with Cotton thread

• Erosion Control
• Re-Vegetation
• Stream Bank Stabilization
• Soil Erosion Control
• River Embankments
• Landscaping

• Promotes vegetation growth
• Adds organic material to insert soils
• Water absorption in low rain areas
• Mulching effect-Prevents topsoil from drying out
• 100% natural biodegradable fibers
• High tensile strength
• High tear resistance
• Easy to install
• Follows the contours of the soil surface
• Degrades over 2 to 3 years


Vegetation Establishment– Seeding can be undertaken prior to blanket installation and seedlings can grow up through the blanket. Alternatively seeding can undertake after installation and sown
on to the blanket.

Hydro seeding is also an effective seed application method over large areas and will provide further support for vegetation growth. Wildflower and aquatic plants and shrubs can be inserted through the coir mesh after installation and the blanket will provide support to vegetation establishment.

Overlapping and Anchorage –Sufficient overlap and anchorage is the key to the success of erosion control blanket products. Trenches at the top and bottom of the slope must be back filled
and pegged to ensure good anchorage.

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