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Welcome to Global Synthetics New Zealand

Global Synthetics Pty Ltd is a leading independent distributor and manufacturer of geosynthetics to the engineering, construction, landscape and building industries, now with offices throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific region.

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Global Synthetics is a leading independent distributor and manufacturer of a wide range of geosynthetics to the engineering, construction, landscape & building industries throughout New Zealand, Australia & the Pacific region. Global Synthetics products include Bentofix® GCL, geogrids, geotextiles, subsoil drains, erosion control blankets, wick drains, dewatering tubes and more.

Our qualified staff and experienced engineers have a wealth of experience in providing proven, cost-effective solutions to Environmental, Civil Engineering and Hydraulic problems.

How Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMS) Can Cut Projects Costs in Half

In conjunction with our Global Synthetics Technical Design team, the contractor decided that a number of such concerned areas lining the Highway would be selected to be replaced with engineered vegetated alternatives using Turf Reinforcement Matting (TRM) technology. The contractor selected Pyramat® 25 supplied by Global Synthetics.

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Bi-planar vs Tri-planar geonets: Benefits in landfill leachate applications

Preventing environmental contamination is a major hurdle that landfill owners must overcome. This is amplified even further for landfills that contain hazardous waste. In light of this, leachate collection systems are designed in landfills to remove the leachate for treatment, disposal, or recirculation. Additionally, they help to control the head of the leachate on the liner system, which minimises the quantity of leachate seeping out of the system.

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